Parlux Hair Dryer MagicSense Diffuser

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The Magic Diffuser for Curls

The magic airflow/temperature ratio for perfect curls. Parlux Hair Dryer MagicSense Diffuser is the unique diffuser which revolutionises how you blow-dry curls and style hair. 15 fingertips effect meets Dynamic Flow Optimiser system for superior airflow without messing up hair. Larger size enables faster drying, and anti-heating system allows for easy handling.


  • Special diffuser for curls and styling
  • Enables perfect airflow/temperature ratio for curls
  • Larger size, ideal for faster drying
  • 15 fingertips effect
  • Dynamic Flow Optimiser system: Superior airflow which does not mess up hair
  • Anti-heating system for easy handling
  • Universal adaptor ring included: Suitable for all Parlux hair dryers excluding Parlux 3500 and Parlux 385
  • Rapid hook-on specifically for Parlux Alyon and Advance hair dryers

Brand Parlux
Colour Black
Product Type Diffuser

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