Our Newest Ambassador Jaye Edwards

Dateline Imports P/L is thrilled to welcome Jaye Edwards to the family. With nine thriving salons, one killer haircare brand and a cult social media following, Jaye Edwards has cemented his spot at the forefront of the industry.

Beginning January 1st, 2024, Jaye will be Australian brand ambassador for epres and Malibu C for a 12-month period. Jaye will be creating educational content aimed at hairdressers, designed to enhance business growth, and increase revenue. With his work splashed across pages of Marie Claire and Vogue, and products lining the shelves of beauty giant, Mecca, Jaye has razor sharp insight into the industry and how to make 2024 work for you.

Jaye Edwards is a new breed of entrepreneur, saturating social media feeds all over the world. He’ll be sharing why he loves and trusts epres and Malibu C via Instagram (@jaye_edwards) and TikTok (also @jaye_edwards). Jaye will highlight how epres and Malibu C have helped his business presence thrive while creating a unique point of difference in the hairdressing market.

epres is next generation bond repair which is disrupting the hair industry. This simple, one-step, in-salon treatment is only 10 minutes to softer, stronger, frizz-free hair. An all-in-one, acid-free solution which repairs chemical, thermal and mechanical damage, restoring hair to incredible condition.

If your clients use water, Malibu C is for you. What’s hiding in water is often the culprit of many common hair and scalp issues. Malibu C offers customised, 100% vegan remedies to eliminate minerals, colour fade, brassiness, dullness, and lack of movement. Freshly activated complexes for optimum results and benefits.

With over 45 years of industry experience, Dateline Imports represents a lifetime of expertise. Partnering with Jaye Edwards, Dateline Imports continues its focus on continual innovation and dynamic education. Here’s to our shared creativity! 

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