BaBylissPRO Barbering Innovations

BaBylissPRO’s heralded Barberology line of tools is welcoming new launches in the last months of 2023, with a versatile suite of unique innovations set to change the industry. The launch looks to fill market gaps, meet industry needs and elevate the barber craft as a whole.

The BaBylissPRO LithiumFX Clipper and LithiumFX Trimmer are known as ‘chameleon’ tools that suit all needs, as a compact, comfortable, powerful and versatile offering. The all-rounder tools are durable and boast a sharp blade for precise cutting, with a long battery life for extended cordless use. Professionals can expect a comfortable, ergonomic grip design for ease of handling, flexible cord and cordless capabilities, and a new 5-Detent Taper Control that now extends up to 4.2mm and includes Taper Control Lengths. Additional features include a long-life Ball Bearing DC Motor at 6,800 RPM, eight comb attachments and a LED low battery indicator. The Clipper has a Zero Gap Adjustable Gold Titanium Wedge Blade, while the Trimmer has a Standard-Tooth Gold Titanium T-Blade with a 360-degree view.

The BaBylissPRO FX3 Clipper, Trimmer and Shaver are the brand’s reimagining of classic tools, with old school BaBylissPRO style for the modern barber. This collection features advanced high-torque engines, ultra-sleek ergonomic European housings and exclusive embedded carbon texture grip surface, combining peak power, design and cutting performance. The Clipper has a Titanium Carbon-Nitride Ultra-Thin Fade Blade and is powered by a new high-efficiency and Torque Brushless Engine. It boasts five hours of runtime, has a 5-Detent Locking Quick Taper with eight comb attachments, a hanging hook and a hanging strap. The Trimmer has a Titanium Carbon-Nitride Standard-Tooth Ultra-Thin T-Blade, an ultra-thin ergonomic design, a four stage LED battery indicator for four hours of run time, a 7,200 RPM motor, with a lithium polymer battery and a 360-degree exposed blade. The Shaver includes features such as the auto shutoff cover, hypoallergenic gold-coloured titanium foils with an offset double foil system, a Lithium-Ion battery, a 10,000 RPM high-speed rotary engine, cord and cordless capabilities and three hours of run time.

Introducing the BaBylissPRO LoPROFX Clipper Red and BaBylissPROLoPROFX Clipper Blue Special Influencer Editions, featuring artists Van Da Goat and Nicole Renae, respectively. Instagram sensation Van Da Goat (@vandagoat) is a Philadelphia native with 25 years of industry experience, known for his precision artistry. Nicole Renae (@_nicolerenae) is an award-winning West Coast American barber who is beloved on Instagram and TikTok, well known for her bold persona and creative cutting techniques. These two iconic Influencer-edition tools offer an Ultra-Low Profile Metal Shield Cover, a 6,800 RPM and 13,600 SPM High-Performance and High-Torque Brushless Motor, a Lithium-Ion battery with cord and cordless capabilities, a Zero-Gap Adjustable Black Graphite Fade Blade and dual voltage.

Another launch is the BaBylissPRO BarberSonic Professional Disinfectant Solution Box, a first to market barber disinfectant solution box with sonic vibrations. This innovation includes an automatic on and off cleaning cycle that is automatically activated when the box is closed, dual soaking compartments specifically designed to hold shears, combs, guards and blades and a removable guard tray made to hold eight guards in disinfectant solution. Sonic Vibrations release dirt, hair, grime and other foreign particles while an LED Light illuminates the solution during the cleaning cycle. An automatic Spring Lock secures the lid during the cleaning cycle, and the tool also offers cord and cordless capabilities.

Finally, the SnapFX High Capacity BOOST+ Battery is launching with 30 per cent more power than its predecessor, offering a replacement battery that ensures uninterrupted performance from the BaBylissPRO SnapFX Clipper or Trimmer.

Harnessing half a century’s worth of tool experience into these new launches, BaBylissPRO is passionate about the future of barbering, and is delivering the next generation of expectedly high-performance, innovative, luxury tools in the men’s hair space. Unleash your barbering capabilities with these new launches.

This edited article was originally published in INSTYLE Professional, Australia’s leading hairdressing industry magazine.

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