Xanitalia Techno Stripless Wax Honey Yellow


Ideal for all Areas of the Body

Versatile 1kg strip-less hard wax allows for wax to be spread incredibly thin and removed very quickly. Commonly referred to as a strip-less wax, beauty salons are moving towards this type of product for its efficiency, as wax strips are no longer needed. Xanitalia Techno Strip-Less Hard Wax melts and cools quickly, spreading easily for applying to large areas, or for hair removal from smaller sensitive areas. This single-use method allows for greater hygiene. Xanitalia, your guarantee of feather soft skin that lasts.


  • Ideal for all areas of the body
  • Xanitalia, industry leader in Italian-made depilatory wax
  • Strip-less technology, wax strips are no longer needed
  • Increased elasticity, a thin layer of wax is all you need for smooth, clean and fast results
  • Designed to melt in your favourite wax heater
  • Made in Italy
  • Size: 1kg
Brand Xanitalia
Series Block
Technology Stripless Wax

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