Xanitalia Galets Wax Discs White 900g


Convenient Stripless Hard Wax Refills

Top up wax heaters with super convenient Xanitalia Hard Wax Discs White 900g. Stripless hard wax discs in a convenient package which minimises unnecessary fuss and mess. These hard wax discs are extremely convenient for topping up wax heaters during the day or for small wax heaters. Italian-made hard wax formula with superior quality. Star White is developed for sensitive areas and sensitive skins, such as tanned, dehydrated and mature skin.


  • Star White: For sensitive areas and skins, such as tanned, dehydrated and mature skin
  • Convenient size for topping up wax heaters throughout the day, as well as small wax heaters
  • Smooth, clean and fast results
  • Italian-made formula with superior quality
  • Stripless hard wax technology: no need for wax strips
  • Convenient package to minimise mess and fuss
  • Designed to melt and cool quickly to spread easily
  • Soft, creamy consistency
  • Size: 900g
Brand Xanitalia
Series Wax Discs
Technology Hard Wax

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