Xanitalia Creme Wax Aloe Vera


Italy’s Best Wax

Premium Italian made cream wax for the smoothest waxing experience. Xanitalia Crème Wax Aloe Vera is a soft and creamy consistency to spread easily and efficiently. Designed to be used with strips, this cream wax melts and cools quickly for effective hair removal. Low temperature application for a more comfortable experience for the client. Green cream wax enriched with aloe, ideal for mature and dry skin.


  • Green cream wax enriched with aloe vera
  • Ideal for mature and dry skin
  • Soft, spreadable consistency
  • Made in Italy
  • Designed to be used with strips
  • Melts and cools quickly for effective, comfortable waxing
  • No microwave required – simply pop directly in wax heater
  • Low temperature application for comfort
  • Size: 450ml
Brand Xanitalia
Series Creme Wax
Technology Strip Wax

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