WetBrush Best In Travel Duo Kit

RRP $24.95

Best in Travel Duo Kit

Hit the road with the essentials for tangle-free, frizz-free hair. Perfect for life on-the-go, the WetBrush Best In Travel Duo Kit includes two convenient, foldable mini brushes which squeeze into small spaces. This brush sets with ultra-soft IntelliFlex bristles to detangle and HeatFlex heat-resistant bristles to blow-dry, this dynamic duo has no borders!


  • Pop and Go Detangler: IntelliFlex bristles detangle with less effort, pain and breakage
  • Pop and Go Speed Dry: Open vented design allows moisture to release from the hair faster, speeding up drying time
Brand WetBrush
Colour Pink
Technology HeatFlex
Technology IntelliFlex

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