TIGI Copyright Colour Gloss 66.65 Intense Red Mahogany Dark Blonde


Copyright Colour GLOSS

An extremely high performance, demi-permanent hair colour which delivers tone on tone, low commitment colour for your clients. TIGI Copyright Colour Gloss is powered by Copyright Care Complex for sensational condition and shine. Part of a customised colour system, ranging from natural to richly intense hues, plus a series of toners, to be used alone or intermixed to customise and create an endlessly imaginative colour palette.

Only Available to TIGI Salons

For Professional Use Only


  • Demi-permanent cream emulsion
  • Blends up to 50% non-pigmented hair
  • Fully intermixable portfolio of colours amongst all Gloss, Creative, Mix Master and Lift ranges
  • Completely customisable for clients
  • Copyright Care Complex: Conditioning cetyl alcohol, complementary conditioning compound and coconut oil. Also includes additional care ingredients such as beeswax and xylitol.
  • Designed to be used with activator 5vol/1.5%, 8.5vol/2.55% and 20vol/6%
  • Can be used for darkening the hair, pre-pigmentation, changing the level or maintain the tone
  • No lift when used with 5 vol/1.5% or 8.5vol/2.55%. Possible to achieve 1 level of lift and up to 75% coverage on non-pigmented hair when used with 20vol/5%.
  • Lasts approximately 20 shampoos, gradually losing intensity after each shampoo
  • 1:1.5 mixing ratio
  • Up to 20 minutes processing time
  • Size: 60ml tube
Brand TIGI Colour
Colour Colour
Series Red Series

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