Spornette Ion Fusion Hot Tube Hair Brush Small

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Ion-Charged and Anti-Frizz Bristles

The Spornette Ion Fusion family of ceramic aerated round Hot tube hair brushes features ion-charged bristles which break up water molecules for fast, easy blow-drying and styling. Hair is left sleek, smooth and silky with the benefit of negatively charged ions. With a special ouchless handle, the brushes eliminate areas where hair can be tangled or caught. Fabulous additions to your brush family!


  • Ion-charged and anti-static nylon corrugated bristles
  • One piece handle makes the brush lightweight and snarl-free
  • Ceramic aerated barrel distributes heat evenly and rapidly
  • Stylishly coloured with a splash of blue
  • 50mm round brush great for short to mid hair lengths

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