Iceman Suntachi X2 5.5” Hairdressing Scissors

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Razor Sharp, Long-Lasting Scissors

Iceman Suntachi X2 Series 5.5” Hairdressing Scissors follow the highest level of manufacturing standards, resulting in razor sharp, long–lasting edges. Iceman made from the highest quality Japanese hitachi steel, these 5.5” scissors are perfect for cutting, sliding, slicing, splicing, chipping and notching. For use on any length of hair, wet or dry. Storage case and oil included.


  • 5.5” scissors with convex edge
  • Hand-honed blades
  • Hollow ground
  • Removable finger rest and standard thumb curvature
  • Level set
  • Adjustable tension dial and leaf spring tension
Brand Iceman
Colour Silver
Series X Series
Length (scissors) 5.5"

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