Iceman K Sutra 5.5” Thinning Scissors

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Bejewelled, Comfortable and Well-Balanced Thinners

The Iceman K Sutra Gold series of scissors features gorgeous jewelled detailing on both the blades and the finger holes. Be glamorous and distinctive, while impeccable Iceman quality cuts hair with ease. Iceman made from stainless steel for maximum long-lasting sharpness. Perfect for thinning hair of any length. Also featuring offset handles and a fixed finger rest for comfort and control.


  • Jewelled detailing on blades and finger holes
  • 30 teeth
  • Stainless steel, hand-honed blade
  • Fixed finger rest
  • Standard thumb curvature and offset handles
  • Perfect for thinning any length of hair, wet or dry
  • Storage case included
Brand Iceman
Colour Gold
Series K Sutra
Length (scissors) 5.5"

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