HH Simonsen Gloss Brush

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Time to Shine

A brush is not just a brush. HH Simonsen can prove it. HH Simonsen’s exclusive Gloss Brush combines ultra-flexible Smartflex bristles and natural wild boar hair. The result? Stronger and shinier hair. This Danish designed brush is shaped to gather and brush the hair in sections while the ball tips on the bristles stimulate the scalp. 3D convex shaped pad optimises bristle-to-hair contact.


  • For stronger and shinier hair
  • Designed by Danish hairdressers for hairdressers
  • Combines boar hair and flexible bristles
  • Distributes hair’s own oils from roots to tips
  • Gentle detangling with less hair breakage
  • Large ball tips stimulate the scalp
  • 3D convex shape optimises bristle-to-hair contact at any angle
  • Colour: Black
Brand HH Simonsen
Colour Black
Technology Smartflex

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