Echos Color Hair Colour Pastel Mint


The Pastel Colours of Italy

Offer your clients a unique service with Echos Color Pastel Professional Hair Colouring Cream in pastel tones of Lavender, Pink, Mint, 8.02 Light Blonde Violet, 9.02 Very Light Blonde Violet and 10.02 Platinum Violet. Premium Italian pigments offering infinite colour versatility. Use as a permanent or semi-permanent colour, toner or filler all from one tube. Echos Color is an opportunity for salons to make big margins on quality hair colour that comes at a low cost. That’s the Italian way!

For Professional Use Only


  • 100ml
  • Made in Italy by Pettenon
  • Guaranteed total grey coverage
  • Anti-oxidising properties of Vitamin C assure longevity
  • Unique formula includes beeswax for protection, conditioning and softening
  • We recommend the use of Echos Color Cream Developers to guarantee high colour stability
Brand Echos
Series Pastel

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