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Revolutionary Cryotherapy for Hair

Experience the BaBylissPRO CryoCare The ColdBrush™, a revolutionary cryotherapy hair treatment tool. Achieves brilliant results whilst avoiding damage to hair from heat appliances. BaBylissPRO, world leaders in professional beauty tools, make hair better. You won’t believe your eyes or your hair. The first of its kind, The ColdBrush™ is a state-of-the-art treatment tool for hair. Incredible results you’ve never seen or experienced before. Hair looks and feels healthier with The ColdBrush™.

The Concept

The reinvention of hair care. BaBylissPRO’s vision harnesses the healing and recovery power of cryotherapy (also known as cold therapy) and applies the benefits to hair. Utilised in medical and cosmetic settings, cryotherapy promotes revitalisation with extremely cold temperatures.

The Science

Engineered with a thermoelectric cooler, The ColdBrush™ is based on the science of the Peltier Effect. The thermoelectric cooler rapidly generates freezing temperature to zero°C, while dual, long-life brushless motors and fans accelerate the cold temperature to the plate. The LED illuminated cold plate delivers active hydration for instant moisture, while the Nano Titanium coating features exceptional smoothness for effortless glide. Advanced high output ion generator produces millions of ions for enhanced shine and smoothness


The Results

The ColdBrush™ reaches freezing temperatures to actively transfer moisture from the air into hair, leaving hair dramatically smoother, softer, and brilliantly shiny. Frizz is controlled and condition is remarkably enhanced whilst hair is left looking and feeling healthy. The ColdBrush™ is the antidote to heat damage; heat styling strips hair of moisture, while The ColdBrush™ transfers moisture back into hair for extraordinary revitalisation. The ColdBrush™ delivers immediate results, and can be used daily for cumulative, lasting effects. The benefits only increase with time. Amazingly, The ColdBrush™ can be used on wet or dry hair, and suits all hair types, including extensions.

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